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dominique derisbourg

Dominique ...

For more than 35 years Dominique Derisbourg has been working on his style

and strives to constantly renew it.

From fashion photography to almost pictorial photography,

his achievements are the sign of a constant research based on matter, emotion and the awakening of the senses. Through his pictures we quickly understand that he wants to go beyond what the eye can perceive. He invites us to smell, taste, hear. And when he goes on a trip, he comes back with moving images, which in turn take us to the heart of the places visited.

Of Franco-Swiss nationality, Dominique Derisbourg realizes

many works for different brands or magazines, his photos are regularly exhibited.


Johannesburg Contemporary Art Biennale

Cape Town Picto Space

Vevey Camera Museum

Ferrari Art Galery Vevey

Fnac Geneva and Lausanne ...





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